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Gorgeous wedding day nail art using the best gel nail polish brands

A wedding day manicure is super-important to finish off your wedding day look. After all, you can spend months selecting your white dress, flowers, shoes, jewelry, and venue. But your hands will be at the center of attention on your big day and will be on all photos because you will have a ring put on one of your fingers. That’s why it’s important to have impeccably manicured hands and choose the best gel nail polish available.

A wedding day manicure doesn’t have to be boring. No need to use just a flat pink, white, or peach color for your nails. You can create some beautiful designs with the help of diamonds, glitters, and the best gel nail polishes with effects.

Why choose gel nail polish for your wedding manicure instead of regular nail polish? Gel nail polish is a lot more durable than regular polish. With ordinary nail enamel, you can damage your fresh manicure right after you’ve done it. And you’ll have chipped polish in all your wedding photos and you won’t even remember how it happened before the wedding started. But if you use a high-quality gel nail polish there will be nothing to worry about on your big day because this product can stay chip-free for up to two or even three weeks. Your nail will be chip-free for your entire wedding and the entire (or at least half of) honeymoon. You can jet off to the honeymoon with the same manicure, without the need to renew it. Whereas with a regular polish you would have had to repaint your nails every 3 days or so.

Best gel nail polish nail art

Now on to the best gel nail polish nail art ideas for your wedding day.

1. Pastel pink

Pastel pink is the most feminine shade of nail polish you can ever find on the market. It looks glamorous and yet subtle. But it never looks boring. You can find a shade of pastel pink that would suit any skin color. I’d recommend a warmer peachy pink hue for darker skin and for those people whose skin has a peachy undertone or a cooler rosy pink for lighter skin and for those people whose skin has a pink undertone. Pink is a very safe choice for a wedding but it looks classy and sophisticated.

2. Pink and gold

One of the best gel nail polish combos in the whole world is the pairing of pink and gold, it’s the epitome of glamour. This is also a great color combo that is a super-popular theme for weddings on Pinterest. You can select a simple gold nail polish or a nail polish with gold glitter. And for a very subtle effect get a clear gel nail polish with flecks of gold.

3. Hot pink with confetti

If you want a bold wedding manicure that all your guests will remember for years to come then you can add a pop of color with hot Barbie pink. Pair it with clear nail polish with colorful confetti and your wedding nails will be unforgettable.

4. Blue

Remember the “something blue” rule for a wedding? Why don’t you support this tradition by doing a blue manicure for your big day? The best blue gel nail polish shades for wedding nails are Tiffany blue, pastel baby blue, and deep royal blue. All these shades look elegant and a little edgy. This manicure will make you stand out from other brides and will look fantastic in your wedding photos. Your guests will never forget it. You can also change the blues to a mixture of colors like turquoise or the darker navy blue if you prefer a more interesting look.

5. Pastel blue

The best for an indoor wedding are pastel blues, pinks, and baby blues. Pastel colors are very calming and happy. Why don’t you turn this wedding manicure into a wedding memory? You can get creative and use an assortment of shades to create the perfect effect. Just avoid shades of blue or pink, as both colors together tend to look a bit dull, unless they are very dark shades of pink and blue.

6. Tiffany green

If you are considering a neutral wedding then a Tiffany green manicure is something to be considering. This color is very trendy. Elegant brides choose them. You’ll look stunning and all your guests will remember you at the party because you have such a pretty manicure.

7. Soft coral pink

A wedding with a twist is always a more unique wedding. Bright orange color and nail art with a simple composition of diamonds in the middle creates the perfect “statement” manicure. Why don’t you try out this beautiful bridal manicure?

8. Pretty pastels

Pretty pastels are ideal for wedding nails. They look gentle and sweet. They’re really girly, but they can be paired with glitters to look absolutely breathtaking. For this manicure, you should choose light pastel shades like pale yellow, lilac, and cream. Add some decorations for the effect to look even prettier and you are ready to go.

9. Peacock

Peacocks are gorgeous animals. And the peacock nail art you’re going to create is the ultimate statement on your wedding nails. It’s a bright nail art that will leave all your guests in shock. It’s one of the best mani’s of all time, in my opinion. To create the effect, choose your favorite peacock nail polish or any peacock color with the addition of glitters and a perfect coat of top coat.

10. Florals

There is nothing prettier than flowers on your wedding nails. You can choose flowers with rhinestones, or even dried real flowers. Or if you don’t want real flowers you can paint floral motifs. I’d recommend using flowers that are close to your wedding colors because it will make the look more elegant. You can also use decorations like pearls, rhinestones, and sequins to make the manicure more beautiful.

11. Rustic nail art

Rustic nail art isn’t as fancy as peacocks, but this is my favorite. I love the way nail art with abstract lines can look elegant. I recommend using a clear gel nail polish with a matte finish and metallic gel nail art paints to create your rustic effect.

12. Classic elegance

I love this pastel manicure. It is a perfect classic white manicure that looks elegant. With glitters and crystals, you’ll be standing out from the crowd. This manicure is super classy and will make you stand out in the wedding photos.

13. White and red

Brides with pinks and purples on their nails stand out in wedding photos. The combination of white and red is another statement nail art that is looking for in wedding photos. It’s a beautiful and elegant choice of colors.

14. Can we talk about glitters?

Glitters are a very trendy manicure detail. Wedding art of glitters, diamonds, pearls, and flowers looks amazing on the nails. With a little creativity, you can use glitters that will look elegant and gorgeous. You can add shiny colors or gradients of glitters and sparkle. I would recommend a mix of colors to create a unique and outstanding effect.

They are a fantastic choice to make. You can use each one of these nail art ideas separately or combined in one manicure. You are a bride, you can pick the design and color and polish you want for your wedding day nails!

Best gel nail polishes for a fall wedding

If you’re getting ready for your big day, then you may be looking for the best gel nail polish colors for a wedding. Well, gel is a perfect nail polish to wear on your wedding nails, and you’ll love how fast it dries, and how easy it is to apply. We have selected five of our favorite nail polishes to wear on your wedding day!

For the Fall, Gel Nail Polish Shades That Really Pop and Make Heads Turn

Fall is my favorite time of year because I feel so pretty and feminine. A sophisticated, elegant color palette is the best way to welcome fall, and you can find these colors at Neiman Marcus.

Neiman Marcus Pearl

Available in 10 shades, you can find a color for every skin tone, this polish is a favorite in all of my own manicures. It dries to a smooth finish, which makes it the perfect polish for a quick manicure. A great neon shade that looks gorgeous with natural tones. You can combine a few different shades in one design.

Neiman Marcus Gold

Whether you like shiny or matte colors, you will love the variety of this collection. One of my favorites is a soft, neutral beige that would look great with burgundy or champagne nail art.

Neiman Marcus Midnight Night

This baby is all about impact, and it’s one of my favorite vintage nail polishes. It has a soft, creamy beige shade that changes color and creates flashes of soft purple at the tips. While it is a very versatile color that can be worn with variety of other colors, I always love it on it’s own.

Neiman Marcus Regal

I’m obsessed with this fashion forward, deep coral, neon. While it’s not everyone’s top choice, it’s one of mine! Perfect for an ultra feminine bride. You can find the same exact color online, if you want a great color that’s more like a vivid orange.

Style is Key and Gel Nail Polish Can Complete the Look

Nail polish is about making a statement and choosing a color that’s unique to you, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Gel is the perfect alternative to traditional nail polish and the color options are endless. While it’s definitely not the cheapest way to dress up nails, it is still budget friendly and can be found at drug stores and sometimes even at nail salons. Check out some of the past gel nail polish collections here.

Gel nail polish dries in literally seconds and will not crack, chip or peel your nails. It will set harder than standard nail polish, which means if you aren’t careful, it can chip or catch on something, but with traditional nail polish, your polish will smear and you have to clean your nails, which is definitely annoying. With gel polish you get a wonderful shine without all the nail polishing work.

Acrylic Wedding Nails

If you want your nails to be stronger and longer on your wedding day, create an acrylic manicure.

This guide will show you how to create classic acrylic wedding nails .

Using acrylics not only adds thickness and length to your nails, but it also makes them look very natural. They have a matte finish, and can last forever.

Your wedding day is very important to you, and is something that you should definitely make a little extra time for! You’ll be the most beautiful bride with well-kept and flawless nails!

Acrylics have amazing staying power, making them a great idea for those of you who don’t like to change their manicure often!

With acrylics, you can design your nails a variety of ways!

If you choose to create your acrylic nails yourself, you’ll get nails that are thicker and stronger but you’ll need some basic skills and you’ll have to set some time aside for this before your wedding. If you choose to get acrylics at a salon, you can choose the color and design that you want!

Once you’ve decided which method you want to use, you’ll need to decide on a design. Here are a few designs for you to check out!


Here’s a way to do your own acrylics at home without feeling like you’re at the nail salon. The best thing about these types of acrylics is that they’re easy to apply and don’t take much time to finish and paint, making them perfect for those of you with busy schedules.

When you apply your acrylics, you’ll get a thick and stylish appearance. Using a pink toned acrylic powder is a great way to make this look extremely polished.

Look Natural

Want your nails to look really natural? Select an acrylic powder that will make them look natural!

With this kind of acrylic powder, you’ll get a nice finish that gives it a natural appearance. When painting your nails over acrylics, you will have the chance to create more variety with your nail designs and use this to your advantage!

All-Over Design

For those of you with long nails, this nail design is perfect! All-over design can make your nails look absolutely stunning! Use the stamping technique to acheive this.

Once the acrylics and the stamped polish have dried, apply a top coat that makes your nail polish last as long as possible.


Gel nail polish stamping is actually the hottest trend in wedding nails right now, with wedding websites and blogs being flooded with pictures of these stencils. They’re a trend that’s been around for quite a while, but it’s never gone out of style! The major reason people get these is because of their ease of application and because it’s fairly simple to create a way to design your own.

Nail stampers were originally made for salon use and only really came into fashion when affordable stamping pads became available for purchase. These are made from thin metal and can be purchased online. You can get stencils with a variety of different designs and patterns.

You can also use a combination of stamping plates to create your own designs. I personally like to use simple designs for ease of application.

So to create your own, simply lay the stencil face up and dab paint from the edge inward.

To create more thickness, paint thicker strokes over them. If you wish to add stripes, make them thin and leave gaps in-between each one.

Best lipstick for a wedding makeup look

We’re back with another wedding related blog and today we’ll be discussing the topic of the perfect lip-colour for a wedding makeup. If you’re planning on getting married, then we want to know what colours you think look amazing on a bride’s lips. Maybe you think that red lipstick is always the most popular choice, but is that actually true? Or have you been complimented on your eye-catching wedding makeup with the pretty pinks and pastels?

In order to make a wedding makeup look perfect, you’ll need to know the perfect lip-colour for a wedding makeup look. Whatever your personal makeup style, there’s something out there for you! If you’re like me and tend to be more on the vintage side of things, then lipstick will always be your best bet. It’s a subtle piece of makeup that can be as striking as you wish for. We’re going to dive into the topic of what lipstick looks best on a bride’s face, but first let’s talk about what’s best for your lips.

What is the best lipstick for a wedding makeup look?

With the popularity of weddings around the world, it’s no surprise that you can buy lipstick with a wide range of colours. In this post, we’ll be talking about the best lipsticks for a wedding makeup look, and the classic lipsticks that are popular among brides. So if you’re planning a wedding, and want to find the perfect lipstick to complement your makeup, then we’ll be taking a look at some of the traditional bridal colours to help you out.

The best lipstick for a wedding makeup look depends on your own personal taste, your complexion, and your own personal preferences in makeup. The two most important things are that you should have a thick, moisturising lip-colour, and that it shouldn’t settle into lines or cracks.

If you’re wanting to recreate the classic Hollywood style wedding makeup, then you’ll want to choose a deeper red or wine lipstick. The reds and deep wine colours look great, and complement a wedding makeup to perfection. You could play around with the colour on the higher end of the spectrum, and opt for something like Bordeaux. A deep wine shade will cover any marks, and will blend nicely with any other lip-colour. Although if you want something more bright and vibrant, then we recommend Fiery Red. It gives your lip-colour a bit more pop, and can really draw attention to your lips.

If you’re wanting to go for a more subtle, classy look then soft pastels can complement your wedding makeup without overpowering it. We definitely recommend going for a pink, in particular one with subtle shimmer to it. Some of our favourite lipstick shades that we’ve picked out include Fairy Pink, Foxy Lipglass & Rose Beige. These are fantastic bridal pinks that can help you stand out in an ensemble of pastel lips. All three of these shades look absolutely fantastic, and can make your wedding makeup look great from start to finish.

In the final part of this article, we’ll be talking about what lippies you can add to your collection to make your makeup look stunning. If you want to create the perfect wedding makeup look, then you’ll want to have a foundation of black mascara, blush, and then apply the perfect wedding lipstick. Today we’re going to be talking about 3 lippies you can use that will make your wedding makeup look spectacular. Check them out.

Top 3 wedding lipsticks that are ideal for your wedding day makeup

Here are some of the best lipsticks you can use that will really make your wedding makeup look stunning. These lippies are ideal if you’re planning on wearing a dramatic dress with a tulle skirt on a summer wedding. However, they’ll also work for every wedding look you might choose to have.

Rrbraun I Heart My Lipstick

There’s just something about lipstick that’s so magical. Lipstick is the first thing that everyone looks at when they see you.

Of course, it can be a little risky if your lipstick doesn’t match your other makeup.

Luckily for us, I Heart My Lipstick comes with 5 different shades. This is one of the first lipstick collections that has the packaging change with every single shade, which adds to the feminine appeal of the lipstick.

Not only is the packaging great, the lipsticks are all velvety, which is the best texture for lipsticks because they’re more forgiving, but they also look amazing on your lips. This lipstick, comes in a coral pink hue. This lipstick isn’t as bright as a red, but it has an almost neon glow. This is such a gorgeous shade, it brightens your lips up for a more dramatic look.

I Heart My Lipstick in Ambush

It doesn’t get much better than this. This is probably the most sheer and long lasting red lipstick on the market. This does look like a goth red, and it doesn’t wash off quite as fast as others. However, I’ve never had a problem keeping this lipstick on through a party or a wedding. The color stays on for a very long time.

There’s just something about wedding makeup looks that are very subtle, and you don’t want to do too much. You can still use some color with this lipstick, but it will blend with your lipgloss nicely.

Nude Gradation Lipstick

This nude gradation lipstick is a gorgeous opaque, neutral shade. This will work for almost any style. Of course, you could tone down the intensity of this lipstick with some lip glosses. You can choose between quite a bit of coverage or just a hint.

Neutral lipsticks are probably the most underrated style of makeup, but they’re getting better. They’re usually quite pigmented, and they really brighten up any look. They just add a lovely rosy glow, which creates a natural looking lipstick. If you can wear a bright lipstick, then you can easily wear this nude.

If you don’t have a huge fancy wedding, then you can still use the neutral tones. This works well with skin that doesn’t look extra washed out. If your skin looks tired and pale, then a natural lipstick will add some depth to your look.

So I hope this post has helped you out, with information about the perfect lipstick for a wedding makeup look. If you’re starting to plan a wedding, then please do leave us some questions! We’d love to hear from you all, and give you a hand. All of the best, love you all!

More beautiful bridal wedding nail design ideas for your big day

Are you looking for more ideas for bridesmaids’ or bride’s nails that are elegant and gorgeous? If your wedding or your special day is coming closer and you are also searching for beauty nail designs or any type of nails design, you are in the right place. In this article, we have gathered a collection of nail designs that are beautiful and pretty to look at. Check these ideas out and get inspired.

Matte nails with glitter

This design is made using a matte gel top coat and small glitter. Now, it is very easy to apply matte nail designs that are very elegant. For a special occasion such as a wedding, you can try this matte nail design.

Natural tone nail polish design

Here is another idea for the perfect nails: use natural tones such as brown, and add orange at the center of the nail. Here, the orange nail polish has also been done with matte nail designs, so that the design looks nice.

Boho braided natural nail design

Here, we have an idea with Boho style. For this, we have taken bits of acrylic and then curled them. At the center of the nail, we have decorated with a Boho braided design. You can finish this perfect look and style with a matte nail polish.

Bridal design with stones and gold

If you like the ring and the solitaire in gold with a stone, you can use this bridal design in your hands, especially for your wedding.

Gray nail designs for a special occasion

Here, we are going to give you an idea of grey and white color nails design for a wedding. This is a design that has been done with the same color as a theme of your wedding, such as your wedding dress or the type of your venue. It is very easy to create this design, but it will last long.

Dark green gold wedding designs

Here, we have a set of dark green gold wedding design. In this design, we have used dried flowers, and a dotted tip nail polish at the top of the nail.

Artsy hand painted nail design

If you love arts and bold colors, you can try a simple acrylic nail design with a small piece of sticker at the center of the nail. This design is made with gold colors.

Bright green and blue wedding design

Here, we have green and blue with a wedding design.

Other ideas for the right nails designs

If you have planned to get a new design for the nails for your big day, you should not worry because you can look for these beautiful and creative designs.

Matte nails designs with blossom and lace

Here, we are giving you an idea for a very elegant and simple blossom nail design with matte nail polish. It can be done for your wedding or party.

Pink nail designs for a romantic night

Here, we have a classy design with a great look for the hands. We have decorated them with black and pink colors. The overall idea of the design has been done with white flower accent nail and gem nail color.

Design with glitter gradient nail polish

Here, we have an elegant gradient glitter nail design. In this design, we have a very complex gradient effect.

Best concealer for a wedding makeup: which one should you buy for the bride?

We are constantly asked ‘which is the best concealer for wedding makeup?’. So many people rush to the drugstore to buy one and we just wonder, why is that? It’s simple: which one should you buy for your wedding makeup, the safest and best concealer of all time or the one which will make you look the best and hide all the flaws you have? We wanted to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to find the perfect concealer for wedding makeup and keep your skin makeup stay for as long as possible on your wedding day.

Which wedding makeup artists use it?

In general, most of them and they are most well versed in terms of the latest makeup trends and especially when it comes to skin care products.

Concealer For Wedding Makeup

Concealers are specially intended to hide any imperfections on the face of a bride. Without a concealer, it would be almost impossible for the bride to feel confident, looking her best on the big day. With all the excitement, the bride might not even remember to look at the mirror after preparing for her wedding day, not noticing and worrying about any pores, scars and pimples that are hidden behind the layers of makeup. This can really undermine the bride’s self-esteem which might even make her hesitant to apply her makeup on the day of her wedding.

That is why it is important for the bride to always apply her best concealer. However, it’s not that easy to identify which concealer will match her skin tone the best, will look pretty in her wedding makeup and will last longer on the skin than other brands.

What is the best concealer for wedding makeup?

Let’s start with the biggest question that we get from readers: ‘what is the best concealer for wedding makeup?’

We want to remind you that there is no such thing as the best concealer for wedding makeup but in terms of blending, quality and finally, the amount of pores and skin imperfections that it will cover, a concealer which you always carry in your bag to apply on those difficult pimples and those scars before the big day can easily be a solution for you.

Let’s look at this, point by point.

The high-quality ones are the ones which will work on you and your skin the best: they should not streak, cause irritation or fade in one short amount of time. This is the ideal concealer for wedding makeup and some of the most popular ones in this category include; Tarte Illuminating Concealer (6-Hour Concealer),MAC Prolongwear Concealer,NARS Blot Cover-up and the Urban Decay Covergirl Mineral Concealer.

The concealer you use for your wedding makeup is very important because it’s the biggest part of your wedding look, you want to always look flawless with none of your imperfections showing through the layers of makeup. Every time you open your makeup bag, check your skin first to assess its health condition and tone. The ideal concealer for wedding makeup has to be just on-point and work perfectly with your skin on the big day.

There are other factors to consider while you are selecting the best concealer for wedding makeup.

What skin type and which skin tone should it cover?

There are 4 major skin types: dry, normal, oily and combination. Make sure you choose the correct concealer for your wedding makeup to cover your skin type, as well as your skin tone, to look flawless all day long.

Here are the best concealers for wedding makeup according to each skin type:

Dry skin

If your skin is dry, makeup artists would recommend you to stick to a regular concealer or a mild one which can easily be combined with a moisturizer. This is the best concealer for wedding makeup for you because it will give a soft and natural finish without piling on the oil that might make your skin greasy over time. The best concealers for dry skin are Clinique Instant Finishing Perfection Concealer, NYX Studio Finish Concealer in Pink (glow) and NARS Super Balanced Skin Concealer (soft-focus).

A normal to dry skin could be the best candidates to try a fluid concealer or powder. Remember to combine it with your favorite anti-shine, moisturizing skincare products like NARS Revealing Makeup Setting Spray and Tatcha Moisture Surge Serum to make it less drying and more oil- and water-proof for a natural looking makeup finish.

Oily skin

This is when oil in the makeup can become a problem. If this is you, you would have to go for a heavy concealer which will hide any imperfections. You have to stay on top of your skin care products so as to avoid breakouts. The best concealers for oily skin are Clinique Even Skin Concealer,NARS and Hourglass Ambient Lighting Corrector + Correction.

Combination skin

There is always a mixture of oily and dry areas on a combination skin, and you’ll have to find the best concealer to mask that area in one. Stick to a concealer that is in between a heavy concealer and a light one. The best concealer for combination skin is Clinique Petite Peach Blush Concealer, Tarte Amazonian Clay-Studded Bobbi Brown Liquid Lumiere Corrector and Laura Mercier’s Super-Lifting Concealer.

Oil-control tips to help you conceal any flaws

If you’re trying to camouflage any unsightly zits, look no further than an oil-control solution. Cleansing your face with a pre-makeup routine that includes an oil-control face wash will limit any oil in your makeup and help it to last longer.

For oily-skinned girls, it’s always a mistake to use a toner in the morning, as it would increase oil and the makeup would make you breakout all day. Look for an oil-control cleanser specifically formulated to clean and prevent oil on your skin.

To hide wrinkles, look no further than any of the above mentioned concealers for wedding makeup. Each has the right ingredients to make it work on any skin type.

These tips will help you pick the best concealer for wedding makeup in just a few easy steps:

Select your skin type: If your skin is very dry, go for the ones which will make you look softer and fresher with a natural glow. For the majority of women, though, you should pick one of the options that are more in the middle-range, as that will suit the average skin.

Select your skin tone: The lighter your skin tone, the lighter your concealer should be. Although if you are of the same skin type as your daughter, you will go for the lighter concealer.

Select a budget: If you are not going for that flashy night time wear with tons of makeup, there is always a good budget-friendly option to get your base correct. But for the other stages, like on the day of the wedding, you want to invest in a quality high-end concealer. A more expensive concealer will set your makeup for your big day to give you the ultimate flawless finish.

Carry more concealers in your makeup bag: There are so many options to pick from, it is essential that you carry two options, one lighter and one darker. So, you are always prepared for the first hour of application, which is always the most crucial time for a professional makeup. Even if you do not have any issues yet, once you sit down, you may notice a dry patch or a pimple.

Get this right and you’ll feel more confident on your big day.

With all the wedding beauty stuff to do, it is essential for you to have the right makeup tools at hand so you can easily carry out every part of the day at ease. As a bride, you are your own best bridesmaid and your confidence is the key to a stunning look, which is why having a makeup bag in your wedding makeup kit is such an important aspect of your overall look. And the concealer for wedding makeup should be the most important tool in your kit. To look flawless and still have a lasting effect on your skin the day after. So, if you decide to not worry about what the best concealer for wedding makeup is and you make the perfect combination, you will look incredible on your wedding day.

Wedding makeup ideas on a Budget!

When you’re choosing wedding makeup for yourself, there are some key factors to think about.

Cost is one of the main things, but more importantly, you want to make sure that your wedding makeup will be flattering to you and feel natural, and not look forced.

This can be very tricky, because you will be spending a small fortune on the best wedding makeup! I am certainly guilty of shelling out big bucks on things I’d never in a million years use. You will be doing your makeup at home, so you want it to be comfortable to do. However, if your budget is limited, it may be hard to balance all of the things you want to do, with what you can really afford.

As a professional makeup artist, I’ve seen the best and worst wedding makeup in my career. I’ve seen brides come in for their pre-wedding makeup, not quite sure what they’re doing. They’re either so young they feel self conscious, or they have so much money they’re spoilt brats. On the flip side, I’ve seen brides come in for their makeup needing it to look perfect. They’ve tried so many different things before the day, they don’t want to risk anything getting wrong.

Here’s the reality – choosing wedding makeup can be expensive. If you want to go all out on a fun, themed wedding, you’re likely to get away with more! If you have the budget to do something more dramatic, you can go all out too!

So what’s the best wedding makeup?

To be fair, I’m not an expert, and so these are just some of my thoughts!

So, to be natural, you want to start out with a foundation. I normally use a foundation that is for the face, as it covers the widest area. For skin like mine, a foundation for the face is a no brainer! On my special days, I’ll actually use moisturiser on my face and my hands for a natural glow, but this is optional. If you want to keep your make up as natural as possible, this is not essential.

Next, I’ll add concealer, in different colours and shades to cover any undereye circles and to blend out any dark spots and discolourations. After this, you want to add some powder to the face. To be natural and blend in well, you need to use a powder that will cover all your skin’s imperfections. Many use tinted powders for this, to add colour to their face, and keep it natural looking. This is a very personal choice, as I’m personally not a fan of makeup with colours that match my skin. Instead, I prefer to use darker colours that really hide flaws and colour my whole face, to make my skin look natural. It will still be a bit colour on my skin, but the lighter colours tend to wash me out. I prefer to keep my colours as natural as possible, as it suits me better!

After this, I’ll add some layers of blush. I personally don’t use powder for blusher, I find it too unnatural looking. So my blusher comes as a mousse in a round container, with a sponge you would use to apply your foundation. It’s quite a luxury to look through your drawers and see all of these lovely bottles! As a general rule, I will put some on the apples of my cheeks, then lay some of the darker blush onto the nose and the sides on the forehead. For the rest, I will use lighter colours, on my outer corners of my eyes, blended inwards and upwards. I use a round compact to press the blush onto my face, for easy blending and staying power. You can use a powder, but I find that the compact easily sets the blush, keeping it in place, for a much longer time.

Next I’ll add a lip balm for a quick fix if your lipstick wears off too quickly. After this, I like to apply a pair of concealer pencils on my eyes, in black and brown. I prefer a concealer pencil to powder, because it goes on really smoothly, and it’s easy to blend into skin with a pencil.

Next is the eyebrow pencil, which I will apply thickly to really make them stand out. After this, you will apply a brow pencil, drawing thin hairs towards the outer corner of the eye. As a last step, I’ll apply an eye shadow. Using a brush, I apply a simple brown to the middle of my lid, using your eyelid as a natural guideline, so that it is just in line with your eye. For colours, I’ll use some black to the outside of the eye, just making it seem more full. You can also wear very shiny eyeshadow, and it will give a more defined look, but it’s not for me!

The rest of your wedding makeup is your choice! I will style my hair so it makes a statement, then I’ll add some false eyelashes to finish my look. I’ll usually finish with a very small amount of light blusher to my cheekbones, just to make sure everything looks nice and even. This will take me only minutes to do, and the rest of my makeup can be done really quickly, too!

How to select a manicure design for your wedding dress

From the bride who went with a clear, nude-tinted polish to the bridesmaid who chose a bright shade of red, there are many different ways to wear your manicure on your wedding day. Here, celebrity makeup artist Jessika Kenney shares her tips for how to match your manicure to your wedding dress.

“I love when a bride wears a gorgeous manicure on her wedding day,” says Kenney. “The idea is to have a finished, polished look to match your wedding dress, so it’s important to pick the right shade of polish to achieve that.”

Read on to see how she accomplished her perfect wedding manicure.

Tip 1: Make a contrast to your wedding dress

Before you shop for your manicure, try it to see which nail colour looks best on you. Some brides want to accentuate their manicure and match it with their wedding dress, while others find that less is more, and prefer a clean and minimalist manicure or a bold contrasting look.

2. Trendy Nails

When choosing a colour for your wedding manicure, remember to think of the trendiest shades. “If you want an edgy manicure on your wedding day, go for darker colours like black, navy blue and deep teal,” says Kenney.

A sheer confetti polish is the most edgy, trendy look, and it looks chic in more subtle shades. “A matte or frost finish can also give your nail a classy look,” she says. “If you’re more conservative, try a nude or a colour that doesn’t clash with your dress.”

3. Simple Manicure

A simple manicure that compliments your wedding dress will make you stand out in a positive way, especially if you’ve had too much “stuff” on your nails.

“A coral, orange, turquoise or pink one-tone manicure is the perfect match to your wedding dress because it’s warm and feminine,” says Kenney. “These colours really energize the eyes, so you’re always looked in a flattering way.”

“If you are having a ‘moment’ on your wedding day, choose a slightly unusual manicure like navy blue or lavender that makes you stand out,” she continues.

4. Nautical Nails

An even better option for wearing with your wedding dress is a pastel polish that contains lots of red, blue and other vibrant shades. The unique, nautical design using these colors contrasts with the style of your wedding dress.

5. Bold Look

“A bold geometric summery manicure, which is a little more outrageous, looks fabulous with a strapless dress,” says Kenney. “It draws attention to your hand in a fun way.”

6. Classic Shade

Another fabulous, more subtle way to wear your wedding manicure is by choosing a shade of nail polish that compliments your wedding dress. “A clear, white or sheer metallic finish looks great on a nude or light-coloured dress,” she says.

7. Matte Nails

If you prefer a smooth and simple look, try a sheer or metallic finish on your wedding day. “Just remember to make sure the polish matches your wedding dress,” says Kenney.

8. A Surprising Look

A bold, striking manicure is a great idea if you have a bohemian wedding or wedding guests who love going for the unexpected. “From an intense red to a shimmering metallic, every woman wants to stand out in a fabulous way on their wedding day,” says Kenney.

“It’s OK to get a little daring if you don’t normally go for natural-looking nails,” she says. “You may also choose a more minimalist, chic manicure so that your manicure is all about the dress.”

Tip 9: Choose A Manicure For Your Wedding That Matches Your Wedding Dress

In order to work with your wedding dress, a colourful nail polish is the ideal choice. “Colourful or clear polishes with confetti flakes are great for summer weddings or occasions that involve lots of flowing fabrics,” says Kenney.

“Women prefer to feel comfortable with their manicure on their wedding day,” says Kenney. “However, it is important that they don’t stress about making their manicure too perfect.”

How to choose the best gel nail polish for a wedding

Often, when people are getting married they want to enhance their look and include a little extra nail art for their big day. However, when it comes to gel polish, many people are often confused with the many different polishes that are available. So, we thought it would be a nice little guide to help those that are new to the world of gel nail polish to get the perfect shade for their nails before the big day arrives.

How to choose the right gel nail polish for your big day

When you think of gel polish, do you think of sleek, shiny nails with chunky gel polish? There are plenty of gorgeous coloured gel polishes out there, but how can you choose the right shade?

Below we have given you a comprehensive guide on how to choose the right gel nail polish for your big day. In this guide, we look at the pros and cons of each brand, plus give you all the information you need to make your choice.

First, we will take a little bit of time to understand the gel nails and gel nail polish for your wedding. In this article, we will also be looking at three popular names you may recognise – OPI Gel Envy, Zoya and Essie.

What is Gel Polish?

Gel nail polish contains photoinitiators that let it cure under a UV light. For best results, you need to use it with a gel base coat and a gloss top coat that provides an incredible shine and perfect finish.

Our OPI Gel Envy is a vibrant colour that has a glitter effect, whilst Zoya Rose is a gorgeous classic pink that’s sure to set the scene for your big day. Lastly, the Essie Dark-eyed Girl, who has a pop of green to add some oomph!

Gel polish is easy to apply. The nail polish goes on and sets on your nails with little to no bubbling or streaks, so that means your nail is not going to chip as often as using a regular nail polish.

Here are a few things you need to consider when you are choosing the right gel nail polish.

Gel Nail Polish Brands

When it comes to choosing the right gel nail polish for your big day, there are many brands out there. However, we are going to be looking at three particularly popular ones – OPI Gel Envy, Zoya and Essie.

Let’s take a look at them.

OPI Gel Envy

OPI has been going from strength to strength for the past few years and has been renowned for their variety of nail shades. Gel Envy is a gorgeous shimmer polish collection that comes in 6 different shades. This makes it the perfect option for any bride, who wants to incorporate some glitter and glamour into her wedding day look.

The topcoat will set the nails perfectly. The range includes bridal designs, shimmers, rhinestones and also some glitter.

If you are looking for a custom shade, you will find that this range allows you to create a colour that best suits you.

Zoya Nail Polish

If glitter nail polish is your thing, then Zoya is the gel polish brand for you. They are quickly becoming a favourite with many wedding nail artists, because of their unique and pretty range of colourful options. From true colours to metallic flourescents and pastels, they have it all.

Zoya’s exclusive Air Monoi Foils (AKA Ethereal Gold), which are a great look for a smaller nail and complement your hair colour well, along with Light, Daydreams, Marshmallow, Valentines, Wild and Sugar Cube. Plus, they also have the opaque Stunning, Studio and Waiting, in case you are in a bit of a rush.

Essie Dark-Eyed Girl

The brilliant Dark-Eyed Girl will offer up a classic hued beauty, for you to add to your special day.

Essie’s Dark-Eyed Girl is a darker shade to give the rich, trendy look. It’s a mix of a clear hue and chunky sequins and it goes well with dark hair shades and light eyes.

Therefore, if you are looking for something a little different for your wedding day, the Dark-Eyed Girl can be your stylish alternative!

Having used OPI Gel Envy and Zoya, what do you think about gel polish? Were they the right choice for you? Are there any other brands that we have missed out?

Pay attention to your nails as much as you do to your hair when preparing for your big day!

Best eco friendly beauty products for your wedding beauty routine

In this article you will find a wide variety of the best eco friendly beauty products for a wedding. I truly enjoy helping others improve their beauty regimens as a way of giving back to them. It makes me happy to share my knowledge with others and find out all about their beauty products and beauty regimens.

Eco Friendly Beauty Products for a Wedding

I hope you will discover a few interesting and unique eco friendly beauty products for a wedding that you may want to add to your beauty regimens. In addition, I also have a top 10 list of eco friendly beauty products for a wedding that you may find helpful.

The products mentioned here were either those that we already have in our beauty regimen, or those that are not as commonly found in the mainstream beauty realm. I had to place them all on a one-page article as there was so much information for you.

We have already listed several products on this list. Among them are:

Nivea Paraben Free Body Lotion

You can also use it on your body, on your face and your body after the shower. You can even use it as a facial cream.

The Body Shop Moisturizing SPF 15 Lotion

This is a wonderful product that you should use on your face and body. The lotion is made from coconut oil, so you know it will not irritate or harm your skin.

Baby Tree Lotion

This lotion can be used for all parts of your body and even for your hair.

That leaves us with the next few products to check out.

Baby’s Coconut Oil

This is a wonderful and very easy to use oil.

Burts Bees Shower Gel

With the only products to use for the shower are great ones to find in the alternative natural beauty realm. The Alba Body Butter and Shower Gel are 100% vegan, gluten free, and made from 100% natural ingredients. They also come in a natural raspberry flavor.

All these products will give your skin a wonderful glow with their natural ingredients. The Alba Body Butter gives your skin that amazing feel when you rub it over your body. The Shower Gel and Moisturizing SPF 15 Lotion will keep you moisturized, soft and silky. The baby tree lotion can be used on all parts of your body including the face and your hair. Coconut oil will moisturize your skin and the lotion contains tea tree oil has anti-bacterial properties that will keep you moisturized and healthy.