In this article you will find a wide variety of the best eco friendly beauty products for a wedding. I truly enjoy helping others improve their beauty regimens as a way of giving back to them. It makes me happy to share my knowledge with others and find out all about their beauty products and beauty regimens.

Eco Friendly Beauty Products for a Wedding

I hope you will discover a few interesting and unique eco friendly beauty products for a wedding that you may want to add to your beauty regimens. In addition, I also have a top 10 list of eco friendly beauty products for a wedding that you may find helpful.

The products mentioned here were either those that we already have in our beauty regimen, or those that are not as commonly found in the mainstream beauty realm. I had to place them all on a one-page article as there was so much information for you.

We have already listed several products on this list. Among them are:

Nivea Paraben Free Body Lotion

You can also use it on your body, on your face and your body after the shower. You can even use it as a facial cream.

The Body Shop Moisturizing SPF 15 Lotion

This is a wonderful product that you should use on your face and body. The lotion is made from coconut oil, so you know it will not irritate or harm your skin.

Baby Tree Lotion

This lotion can be used for all parts of your body and even for your hair.

That leaves us with the next few products to check out.

Baby’s Coconut Oil

This is a wonderful and very easy to use oil.

Burts Bees Shower Gel

With the only products to use for the shower are great ones to find in the alternative natural beauty realm. The Alba Body Butter and Shower Gel are 100% vegan, gluten free, and made from 100% natural ingredients. They also come in a natural raspberry flavor.

All these products will give your skin a wonderful glow with their natural ingredients. The Alba Body Butter gives your skin that amazing feel when you rub it over your body. The Shower Gel and Moisturizing SPF 15 Lotion will keep you moisturized, soft and silky. The baby tree lotion can be used on all parts of your body including the face and your hair. Coconut oil will moisturize your skin and the lotion contains tea tree oil has anti-bacterial properties that will keep you moisturized and healthy.