A wedding day manicure is super-important to finish off your wedding day look. After all, you can spend months selecting your white dress, flowers, shoes, jewelry, and venue. But your hands will be at the center of attention on your big day and will be on all photos because you will have a ring put on one of your fingers. That’s why it’s important to have impeccably manicured hands and choose the best gel nail polish available.

A wedding day manicure doesn’t have to be boring. No need to use just a flat pink, white, or peach color for your nails. You can create some beautiful designs with the help of diamonds, glitters, and the best gel nail polishes with effects.

Why choose gel nail polish for your wedding manicure instead of regular nail polish? Gel nail polish is a lot more durable than regular polish. With ordinary nail enamel, you can damage your fresh manicure right after you’ve done it. And you’ll have chipped polish in all your wedding photos and you won’t even remember how it happened before the wedding started. But if you use a high-quality gel nail polish there will be nothing to worry about on your big day because this product can stay chip-free for up to two or even three weeks. Your nail will be chip-free for your entire wedding and the entire (or at least half of) honeymoon. You can jet off to the honeymoon with the same manicure, without the need to renew it. Whereas with a regular polish you would have had to repaint your nails every 3 days or so.

Best gel nail polish nail art

Now on to the best gel nail polish nail art ideas for your wedding day.

1. Pastel pink

Pastel pink is the most feminine shade of nail polish you can ever find on the market. It looks glamorous and yet subtle. But it never looks boring. You can find a shade of pastel pink that would suit any skin color. I’d recommend a warmer peachy pink hue for darker skin and for those people whose skin has a peachy undertone or a cooler rosy pink for lighter skin and for those people whose skin has a pink undertone. Pink is a very safe choice for a wedding but it looks classy and sophisticated.

2. Pink and gold

One of the best gel nail polish combos in the whole world is the pairing of pink and gold, it’s the epitome of glamour. This is also a great color combo that is a super-popular theme for weddings on Pinterest. You can select a simple gold nail polish or a nail polish with gold glitter. And for a very subtle effect get a clear gel nail polish with flecks of gold.

3. Hot pink with confetti

If you want a bold wedding manicure that all your guests will remember for years to come then you can add a pop of color with hot Barbie pink. Pair it with clear nail polish with colorful confetti and your wedding nails will be unforgettable.

4. Blue

Remember the “something blue” rule for a wedding? Why don’t you support this tradition by doing a blue manicure for your big day? The best blue gel nail polish shades for wedding nails are Tiffany blue, pastel baby blue, and deep royal blue. All these shades look elegant and a little edgy. This manicure will make you stand out from other brides and will look fantastic in your wedding photos. Your guests will never forget it. You can also change the blues to a mixture of colors like turquoise or the darker navy blue if you prefer a more interesting look.

5. Pastel blue

The best for an indoor wedding are pastel blues, pinks, and baby blues. Pastel colors are very calming and happy. Why don’t you turn this wedding manicure into a wedding memory? You can get creative and use an assortment of shades to create the perfect effect. Just avoid shades of blue or pink, as both colors together tend to look a bit dull, unless they are very dark shades of pink and blue.

6. Tiffany green

If you are considering a neutral wedding then a Tiffany green manicure is something to be considering. This color is very trendy. Elegant brides choose them. You’ll look stunning and all your guests will remember you at the party because you have such a pretty manicure.

7. Soft coral pink

A wedding with a twist is always a more unique wedding. Bright orange color and nail art with a simple composition of diamonds in the middle creates the perfect “statement” manicure. Why don’t you try out this beautiful bridal manicure?

8. Pretty pastels

Pretty pastels are ideal for wedding nails. They look gentle and sweet. They’re really girly, but they can be paired with glitters to look absolutely breathtaking. For this manicure, you should choose light pastel shades like pale yellow, lilac, and cream. Add some decorations for the effect to look even prettier and you are ready to go.

9. Peacock

Peacocks are gorgeous animals. And the peacock nail art you’re going to create is the ultimate statement on your wedding nails. It’s a bright nail art that will leave all your guests in shock. It’s one of the best mani’s of all time, in my opinion. To create the effect, choose your favorite peacock nail polish or any peacock color with the addition of glitters and a perfect coat of top coat.

10. Florals

There is nothing prettier than flowers on your wedding nails. You can choose flowers with rhinestones, or even dried real flowers. Or if you don’t want real flowers you can paint floral motifs. I’d recommend using flowers that are close to your wedding colors because it will make the look more elegant. You can also use decorations like pearls, rhinestones, and sequins to make the manicure more beautiful.

11. Rustic nail art

Rustic nail art isn’t as fancy as peacocks, but this is my favorite. I love the way nail art with abstract lines can look elegant. I recommend using a clear gel nail polish with a matte finish and metallic gel nail art paints to create your rustic effect.

12. Classic elegance

I love this pastel manicure. It is a perfect classic white manicure that looks elegant. With glitters and crystals, you’ll be standing out from the crowd. This manicure is super classy and will make you stand out in the wedding photos.

13. White and red

Brides with pinks and purples on their nails stand out in wedding photos. The combination of white and red is another statement nail art that is looking for in wedding photos. It’s a beautiful and elegant choice of colors.

14. Can we talk about glitters?

Glitters are a very trendy manicure detail. Wedding art of glitters, diamonds, pearls, and flowers looks amazing on the nails. With a little creativity, you can use glitters that will look elegant and gorgeous. You can add shiny colors or gradients of glitters and sparkle. I would recommend a mix of colors to create a unique and outstanding effect.

They are a fantastic choice to make. You can use each one of these nail art ideas separately or combined in one manicure. You are a bride, you can pick the design and color and polish you want for your wedding day nails!