We are constantly asked ‘which is the best concealer for wedding makeup?’. So many people rush to the drugstore to buy one and we just wonder, why is that? It’s simple: which one should you buy for your wedding makeup, the safest and best concealer of all time or the one which will make you look the best and hide all the flaws you have? We wanted to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to find the perfect concealer for wedding makeup and keep your skin makeup stay for as long as possible on your wedding day.

Which wedding makeup artists use it?

In general, most of them and they are most well versed in terms of the latest makeup trends and especially when it comes to skin care products.

Concealer For Wedding Makeup

Concealers are specially intended to hide any imperfections on the face of a bride. Without a concealer, it would be almost impossible for the bride to feel confident, looking her best on the big day. With all the excitement, the bride might not even remember to look at the mirror after preparing for her wedding day, not noticing and worrying about any pores, scars and pimples that are hidden behind the layers of makeup. This can really undermine the bride’s self-esteem which might even make her hesitant to apply her makeup on the day of her wedding.

That is why it is important for the bride to always apply her best concealer. However, it’s not that easy to identify which concealer will match her skin tone the best, will look pretty in her wedding makeup and will last longer on the skin than other brands.

What is the best concealer for wedding makeup?

Let’s start with the biggest question that we get from readers: ‘what is the best concealer for wedding makeup?’

We want to remind you that there is no such thing as the best concealer for wedding makeup but in terms of blending, quality and finally, the amount of pores and skin imperfections that it will cover, a concealer which you always carry in your bag to apply on those difficult pimples and those scars before the big day can easily be a solution for you.

Let’s look at this, point by point.

The high-quality ones are the ones which will work on you and your skin the best: they should not streak, cause irritation or fade in one short amount of time. This is the ideal concealer for wedding makeup and some of the most popular ones in this category include; Tarte Illuminating Concealer (6-Hour Concealer),MAC Prolongwear Concealer,NARS Blot Cover-up and the Urban Decay Covergirl Mineral Concealer.

The concealer you use for your wedding makeup is very important because it’s the biggest part of your wedding look, you want to always look flawless with none of your imperfections showing through the layers of makeup. Every time you open your makeup bag, check your skin first to assess its health condition and tone. The ideal concealer for wedding makeup has to be just on-point and work perfectly with your skin on the big day.

There are other factors to consider while you are selecting the best concealer for wedding makeup.

What skin type and which skin tone should it cover?

There are 4 major skin types: dry, normal, oily and combination. Make sure you choose the correct concealer for your wedding makeup to cover your skin type, as well as your skin tone, to look flawless all day long.

Here are the best concealers for wedding makeup according to each skin type:

Dry skin

If your skin is dry, makeup artists would recommend you to stick to a regular concealer or a mild one which can easily be combined with a moisturizer. This is the best concealer for wedding makeup for you because it will give a soft and natural finish without piling on the oil that might make your skin greasy over time. The best concealers for dry skin are Clinique Instant Finishing Perfection Concealer, NYX Studio Finish Concealer in Pink (glow) and NARS Super Balanced Skin Concealer (soft-focus).

A normal to dry skin could be the best candidates to try a fluid concealer or powder. Remember to combine it with your favorite anti-shine, moisturizing skincare products like NARS Revealing Makeup Setting Spray and Tatcha Moisture Surge Serum to make it less drying and more oil- and water-proof for a natural looking makeup finish.

Oily skin

This is when oil in the makeup can become a problem. If this is you, you would have to go for a heavy concealer which will hide any imperfections. You have to stay on top of your skin care products so as to avoid breakouts. The best concealers for oily skin are Clinique Even Skin Concealer,NARS and Hourglass Ambient Lighting Corrector + Correction.

Combination skin

There is always a mixture of oily and dry areas on a combination skin, and you’ll have to find the best concealer to mask that area in one. Stick to a concealer that is in between a heavy concealer and a light one. The best concealer for combination skin is Clinique Petite Peach Blush Concealer, Tarte Amazonian Clay-Studded Bobbi Brown Liquid Lumiere Corrector and Laura Mercier’s Super-Lifting Concealer.

Oil-control tips to help you conceal any flaws

If you’re trying to camouflage any unsightly zits, look no further than an oil-control solution. Cleansing your face with a pre-makeup routine that includes an oil-control face wash will limit any oil in your makeup and help it to last longer.

For oily-skinned girls, it’s always a mistake to use a toner in the morning, as it would increase oil and the makeup would make you breakout all day. Look for an oil-control cleanser specifically formulated to clean and prevent oil on your skin.

To hide wrinkles, look no further than any of the above mentioned concealers for wedding makeup. Each has the right ingredients to make it work on any skin type.

These tips will help you pick the best concealer for wedding makeup in just a few easy steps:

Select your skin type: If your skin is very dry, go for the ones which will make you look softer and fresher with a natural glow. For the majority of women, though, you should pick one of the options that are more in the middle-range, as that will suit the average skin.

Select your skin tone: The lighter your skin tone, the lighter your concealer should be. Although if you are of the same skin type as your daughter, you will go for the lighter concealer.

Select a budget: If you are not going for that flashy night time wear with tons of makeup, there is always a good budget-friendly option to get your base correct. But for the other stages, like on the day of the wedding, you want to invest in a quality high-end concealer. A more expensive concealer will set your makeup for your big day to give you the ultimate flawless finish.

Carry more concealers in your makeup bag: There are so many options to pick from, it is essential that you carry two options, one lighter and one darker. So, you are always prepared for the first hour of application, which is always the most crucial time for a professional makeup. Even if you do not have any issues yet, once you sit down, you may notice a dry patch or a pimple.

Get this right and you’ll feel more confident on your big day.

With all the wedding beauty stuff to do, it is essential for you to have the right makeup tools at hand so you can easily carry out every part of the day at ease. As a bride, you are your own best bridesmaid and your confidence is the key to a stunning look, which is why having a makeup bag in your wedding makeup kit is such an important aspect of your overall look. And the concealer for wedding makeup should be the most important tool in your kit. To look flawless and still have a lasting effect on your skin the day after. So, if you decide to not worry about what the best concealer for wedding makeup is and you make the perfect combination, you will look incredible on your wedding day.