From the bride who went with a clear, nude-tinted polish to the bridesmaid who chose a bright shade of red, there are many different ways to wear your manicure on your wedding day. Here, celebrity makeup artist Jessika Kenney shares her tips for how to match your manicure to your wedding dress.

“I love when a bride wears a gorgeous manicure on her wedding day,” says Kenney. “The idea is to have a finished, polished look to match your wedding dress, so it’s important to pick the right shade of polish to achieve that.”

Read on to see how she accomplished her perfect wedding manicure.

Tip 1: Make a contrast to your wedding dress

Before you shop for your manicure, try it to see which nail colour looks best on you. Some brides want to accentuate their manicure and match it with their wedding dress, while others find that less is more, and prefer a clean and minimalist manicure or a bold contrasting look.

2. Trendy Nails

When choosing a colour for your wedding manicure, remember to think of the trendiest shades. “If you want an edgy manicure on your wedding day, go for darker colours like black, navy blue and deep teal,” says Kenney.

A sheer confetti polish is the most edgy, trendy look, and it looks chic in more subtle shades. “A matte or frost finish can also give your nail a classy look,” she says. “If you’re more conservative, try a nude or a colour that doesn’t clash with your dress.”

3. Simple Manicure

A simple manicure that compliments your wedding dress will make you stand out in a positive way, especially if you’ve had too much “stuff” on your nails.

“A coral, orange, turquoise or pink one-tone manicure is the perfect match to your wedding dress because it’s warm and feminine,” says Kenney. “These colours really energize the eyes, so you’re always looked in a flattering way.”

“If you are having a ‘moment’ on your wedding day, choose a slightly unusual manicure like navy blue or lavender that makes you stand out,” she continues.

4. Nautical Nails

An even better option for wearing with your wedding dress is a pastel polish that contains lots of red, blue and other vibrant shades. The unique, nautical design using these colors contrasts with the style of your wedding dress.

5. Bold Look

“A bold geometric summery manicure, which is a little more outrageous, looks fabulous with a strapless dress,” says Kenney. “It draws attention to your hand in a fun way.”

6. Classic Shade

Another fabulous, more subtle way to wear your wedding manicure is by choosing a shade of nail polish that compliments your wedding dress. “A clear, white or sheer metallic finish looks great on a nude or light-coloured dress,” she says.

7. Matte Nails

If you prefer a smooth and simple look, try a sheer or metallic finish on your wedding day. “Just remember to make sure the polish matches your wedding dress,” says Kenney.

8. A Surprising Look

A bold, striking manicure is a great idea if you have a bohemian wedding or wedding guests who love going for the unexpected. “From an intense red to a shimmering metallic, every woman wants to stand out in a fabulous way on their wedding day,” says Kenney.

“It’s OK to get a little daring if you don’t normally go for natural-looking nails,” she says. “You may also choose a more minimalist, chic manicure so that your manicure is all about the dress.”

Tip 9: Choose A Manicure For Your Wedding That Matches Your Wedding Dress

In order to work with your wedding dress, a colourful nail polish is the ideal choice. “Colourful or clear polishes with confetti flakes are great for summer weddings or occasions that involve lots of flowing fabrics,” says Kenney.

“Women prefer to feel comfortable with their manicure on their wedding day,” says Kenney. “However, it is important that they don’t stress about making their manicure too perfect.”