We’re back with another wedding related blog and today we’ll be discussing the topic of the perfect lip-colour for a wedding makeup. If you’re planning on getting married, then we want to know what colours you think look amazing on a bride’s lips. Maybe you think that red lipstick is always the most popular choice, but is that actually true? Or have you been complimented on your eye-catching wedding makeup with the pretty pinks and pastels?

In order to make a wedding makeup look perfect, you’ll need to know the perfect lip-colour for a wedding makeup look. Whatever your personal makeup style, there’s something out there for you! If you’re like me and tend to be more on the vintage side of things, then lipstick will always be your best bet. It’s a subtle piece of makeup that can be as striking as you wish for. We’re going to dive into the topic of what lipstick looks best on a bride’s face, but first let’s talk about what’s best for your lips.

What is the best lipstick for a wedding makeup look?

With the popularity of weddings around the world, it’s no surprise that you can buy lipstick with a wide range of colours. In this post, we’ll be talking about the best lipsticks for a wedding makeup look, and the classic lipsticks that are popular among brides. So if you’re planning a wedding, and want to find the perfect lipstick to complement your makeup, then we’ll be taking a look at some of the traditional bridal colours to help you out.

The best lipstick for a wedding makeup look depends on your own personal taste, your complexion, and your own personal preferences in makeup. The two most important things are that you should have a thick, moisturising lip-colour, and that it shouldn’t settle into lines or cracks.

If you’re wanting to recreate the classic Hollywood style wedding makeup, then you’ll want to choose a deeper red or wine lipstick. The reds and deep wine colours look great, and complement a wedding makeup to perfection. You could play around with the colour on the higher end of the spectrum, and opt for something like Bordeaux. A deep wine shade will cover any marks, and will blend nicely with any other lip-colour. Although if you want something more bright and vibrant, then we recommend Fiery Red. It gives your lip-colour a bit more pop, and can really draw attention to your lips.

If you’re wanting to go for a more subtle, classy look then soft pastels can complement your wedding makeup without overpowering it. We definitely recommend going for a pink, in particular one with subtle shimmer to it. Some of our favourite lipstick shades that we’ve picked out include Fairy Pink, Foxy Lipglass & Rose Beige. These are fantastic bridal pinks that can help you stand out in an ensemble of pastel lips. All three of these shades look absolutely fantastic, and can make your wedding makeup look great from start to finish.

In the final part of this article, we’ll be talking about what lippies you can add to your collection to make your makeup look stunning. If you want to create the perfect wedding makeup look, then you’ll want to have a foundation of black mascara, blush, and then apply the perfect wedding lipstick. Today we’re going to be talking about 3 lippies you can use that will make your wedding makeup look spectacular. Check them out.

Top 3 wedding lipsticks that are ideal for your wedding day makeup

Here are some of the best lipsticks you can use that will really make your wedding makeup look stunning. These lippies are ideal if you’re planning on wearing a dramatic dress with a tulle skirt on a summer wedding. However, they’ll also work for every wedding look you might choose to have.

Rrbraun I Heart My Lipstick

There’s just something about lipstick that’s so magical. Lipstick is the first thing that everyone looks at when they see you.

Of course, it can be a little risky if your lipstick doesn’t match your other makeup.

Luckily for us, I Heart My Lipstick comes with 5 different shades. This is one of the first lipstick collections that has the packaging change with every single shade, which adds to the feminine appeal of the lipstick.

Not only is the packaging great, the lipsticks are all velvety, which is the best texture for lipsticks because they’re more forgiving, but they also look amazing on your lips. This lipstick, comes in a coral pink hue. This lipstick isn’t as bright as a red, but it has an almost neon glow. This is such a gorgeous shade, it brightens your lips up for a more dramatic look.

I Heart My Lipstick in Ambush

It doesn’t get much better than this. This is probably the most sheer and long lasting red lipstick on the market. This does look like a goth red, and it doesn’t wash off quite as fast as others. However, I’ve never had a problem keeping this lipstick on through a party or a wedding. The color stays on for a very long time.

There’s just something about wedding makeup looks that are very subtle, and you don’t want to do too much. You can still use some color with this lipstick, but it will blend with your lipgloss nicely.

Nude Gradation Lipstick

This nude gradation lipstick is a gorgeous opaque, neutral shade. This will work for almost any style. Of course, you could tone down the intensity of this lipstick with some lip glosses. You can choose between quite a bit of coverage or just a hint.

Neutral lipsticks are probably the most underrated style of makeup, but they’re getting better. They’re usually quite pigmented, and they really brighten up any look. They just add a lovely rosy glow, which creates a natural looking lipstick. If you can wear a bright lipstick, then you can easily wear this nude.

If you don’t have a huge fancy wedding, then you can still use the neutral tones. This works well with skin that doesn’t look extra washed out. If your skin looks tired and pale, then a natural lipstick will add some depth to your look.

So I hope this post has helped you out, with information about the perfect lipstick for a wedding makeup look. If you’re starting to plan a wedding, then please do leave us some questions! We’d love to hear from you all, and give you a hand. All of the best, love you all!