Are you looking for more ideas for bridesmaids’ or bride’s nails that are elegant and gorgeous? If your wedding or your special day is coming closer and you are also searching for beauty nail designs or any type of nails design, you are in the right place. In this article, we have gathered a collection of nail designs that are beautiful and pretty to look at. Check these ideas out and get inspired.

Matte nails with glitter

This design is made using a matte gel top coat and small glitter. Now, it is very easy to apply matte nail designs that are very elegant. For a special occasion such as a wedding, you can try this matte nail design.

Natural tone nail polish design

Here is another idea for the perfect nails: use natural tones such as brown, and add orange at the center of the nail. Here, the orange nail polish has also been done with matte nail designs, so that the design looks nice.

Boho braided natural nail design

Here, we have an idea with Boho style. For this, we have taken bits of acrylic and then curled them. At the center of the nail, we have decorated with a Boho braided design. You can finish this perfect look and style with a matte nail polish.

Bridal design with stones and gold

If you like the ring and the solitaire in gold with a stone, you can use this bridal design in your hands, especially for your wedding.

Gray nail designs for a special occasion

Here, we are going to give you an idea of grey and white color nails design for a wedding. This is a design that has been done with the same color as a theme of your wedding, such as your wedding dress or the type of your venue. It is very easy to create this design, but it will last long.

Dark green gold wedding designs

Here, we have a set of dark green gold wedding design. In this design, we have used dried flowers, and a dotted tip nail polish at the top of the nail.

Artsy hand painted nail design

If you love arts and bold colors, you can try a simple acrylic nail design with a small piece of sticker at the center of the nail. This design is made with gold colors.

Bright green and blue wedding design

Here, we have green and blue with a wedding design.

Other ideas for the right nails designs

If you have planned to get a new design for the nails for your big day, you should not worry because you can look for these beautiful and creative designs.

Matte nails designs with blossom and lace

Here, we are giving you an idea for a very elegant and simple blossom nail design with matte nail polish. It can be done for your wedding or party.

Pink nail designs for a romantic night

Here, we have a classy design with a great look for the hands. We have decorated them with black and pink colors. The overall idea of the design has been done with white flower accent nail and gem nail color.

Design with glitter gradient nail polish

Here, we have an elegant gradient glitter nail design. In this design, we have a very complex gradient effect.