If you’re getting ready for your big day, then you may be looking for the best gel nail polish colors for a wedding. Well, gel is a perfect nail polish to wear on your wedding nails, and you’ll love how fast it dries, and how easy it is to apply. We have selected five of our favorite nail polishes to wear on your wedding day!

For the Fall, Gel Nail Polish Shades That Really Pop and Make Heads Turn

Fall is my favorite time of year because I feel so pretty and feminine. A sophisticated, elegant color palette is the best way to welcome fall, and you can find these colors at Neiman Marcus.

Neiman Marcus Pearl

Available in 10 shades, you can find a color for every skin tone, this polish is a favorite in all of my own manicures. It dries to a smooth finish, which makes it the perfect polish for a quick manicure. A great neon shade that looks gorgeous with natural tones. You can combine a few different shades in one design.

Neiman Marcus Gold

Whether you like shiny or matte colors, you will love the variety of this collection. One of my favorites is a soft, neutral beige that would look great with burgundy or champagne nail art.

Neiman Marcus Midnight Night

This baby is all about impact, and it’s one of my favorite vintage nail polishes. It has a soft, creamy beige shade that changes color and creates flashes of soft purple at the tips. While it is a very versatile color that can be worn with variety of other colors, I always love it on it’s own.

Neiman Marcus Regal

I’m obsessed with this fashion forward, deep coral, neon. While it’s not everyone’s top choice, it’s one of mine! Perfect for an ultra feminine bride. You can find the same exact color online, if you want a great color that’s more like a vivid orange.

Style is Key and Gel Nail Polish Can Complete the Look

Nail polish is about making a statement and choosing a color that’s unique to you, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Gel is the perfect alternative to traditional nail polish and the color options are endless. While it’s definitely not the cheapest way to dress up nails, it is still budget friendly and can be found at drug stores and sometimes even at nail salons. Check out some of the past gel nail polish collections here.

Gel nail polish dries in literally seconds and will not crack, chip or peel your nails. It will set harder than standard nail polish, which means if you aren’t careful, it can chip or catch on something, but with traditional nail polish, your polish will smear and you have to clean your nails, which is definitely annoying. With gel polish you get a wonderful shine without all the nail polishing work.